Course Upgrades (if you ever want to upgrade)

The school has a full range of content, including:-

  1. Solo Certification Courses
  2. Stream Bundles (e.g. Architect Bundle)
  3. Level Bundles (Associate bundle, Professional Bundle, or Associate and Pro Bundles)
  4. Collections (All the things bundle)
  5. Job Packs (Security Architect Bundle, Network Architect Bundle, Network Security Architect Bundle)
  6. (soon) Deep dives

Bundles offer substancial discounts vs the price of the individual courses within them.

You can upgrade in two ways

  1. From a solo course to a bundle which contains that solo course.
  2. From a bundle (e.g Associate Bundle) to a bigger bundle which contains that bundle (e.g. Associate and Pro bundle or ALL THE THINGS bundle)

These are no penalty upgrades - only pay the difference in price. If you ever want a custom upgrade URL please use this support form

Just tell me what content you currently have, the email used to register and what bundle you would like.

No pressure .. I just want you to get maximum value from the content you buy.

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