About AZ-104 Exam Updates

Current Course Status

This course is up-to-date with the latest October 26 2023 Microsoft exam update.

Latest Update Notes

The October 26 2023 exam update had only minor changes. A summary is as follows:

  • Naming of Entra ID updated
  • Some minor grammatical changes to the skills outline

This course has been updated as follows:

  • All new Entra content was added to this course (replaces Azure AD)
  • Additional 'Extended Entra ID' content added to this course
  • Additional ARM/Bicep template content added


Old Update Notes

The July 24 2023 exam update had several changes. The following are some important notes about these changes.

  • Azure AD is now weighted higher (was 15-20%, now 20-25%)
    • Azure AD has changed name to Entra ID (but no features have changed)
    • All Azure AD content is still valid
  • Virtual Networking reduced (was 20-25%, now 15-20%)
  • Bicep templates have been added

Some content is no longer listed on the exam outline, but is still included in this course because it may still remain in some exams. It is recommended that you do not skip this for the time being. This includes:

  • Import/Export jobs
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (overview only, all other AKS content removed)

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