[AdvancedDemo] Implementing a simple WEBIDF App - PART1


In this advanced demo series you will be implementing a simple serverless application which uses Web Identity Federation.

The application runs using the following technologies

- S3 for front-end application hosting

- Google API Project as an ID Provider

- Cognito and IAM Roles to swap Google Token for AWS credentials

The application runs from a browser, gets the user to login using a Google ID and then loads all images from a private S3 bucket into a browser using presignedURLs.

This advanced demo consists of 6 stages :-

- STAGE 1 : Provision the environment and review tasks **<= THIS STAGE**

- STAGE 2 : Create Google API Project & Client ID

- STAGE 3 : Create Cognito Identity Pool

- STAGE 4 : Update App Bucket & Test Application

- STAGE 5 : Cleanup the account


1-Click Deployment

Stage 1 Instructions & diagram

Stage 2 Instructions & diagram

Stage 3 Instructions & diagram

Stage 4 Instructions & diagram

Stage 5 Instructions

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