Expand your Course Collection

.. while saving money

Are you considering expanding your course library? Here's some good news! You can often upgrade to a larger content bundle by paying the difference rather than purchasing each course separately. Here's how it works:

In summary, instead of adding individual courses, you can upgrade to a bundle that contains one or more courses you have and the courses you want and only pay the price difference; this can be significantly cheaper. Note: you can't "upgrade" to a bundle that doesn't contain any of your current courses and there are no custom bundles available.

Some Recent Examples:

Example 1: Alice Decided to go "pro"

  • She passed Solutions Architect Associate using my $40 course.
  • She wants to grow her skills by achieving solutions architect professional (usually $80)
  • Upgrade Option: She can move to the solutions architect bundle (usually $100) for $60 after subtracting her $40 previous payment

Example 2: Bob decides to specialize.

  • He passed SA Associate and Pro using my Solutions Architect Bundle (which costs $100)
  • His next move is to specialize and add the Security ($80) and Networking Specialty ($80) Courses to his collection ($160 total).
  • Bob has three upgrade options:
    1. Security Architect Bundle: +$20 (vs. usual $80 price)
    2. Network Architect Bundle: +$70 (vs. usual $80 price)
    3. Network Security Architect Bundle: +$90 (vs. usual $160 price for both courses).

Example 3: Tim wants to expand his knowledge

  • Tim has studied and passed the Sysops Associate exam
  • He wants to expand his architecture and development tooling knowledge and wants to reduce the $40 + $40 cost.
  • The associate bundle, which usually costs $100 includes the extra courses he wants.
  • He pays $60 (after accounting for his previous $40 payment).

Example 4: Janice has long-term learning plans

  • Janice has passed all three associate exams using my content
  • She wants to expand her knowledge and own my current and future content.
  • She likes the look of the "ALL THE THINGS" bundle, which usually costs $400
  • She can pay $300 by deducting her $100 spent on the associate bundle.

Example 5: Jess's Multi-Platform Aspirations

  • Jess already owns the "ALL THE THINGS" bundle, and has used many of my courses.
  • She wants more content spanning various cloud platforms and tech stacks and has noticed the "ALL THE THINGS PLUS" bundle, which usually costs $600
  • She only pays $200 since she already invested in the "ALL THE THINGS" bundle (which cost $400).

How to Upgrade:

  1. Choose a bundle that contains the courses you already own and the new ones you want.
  2. Or let us know the courses you want, and we can help you with the most cost-effective method of upgrading.
  3. Log a ticket (HERE) and let us know what you would like 
  4. We'll respond with an upgrade payment link OR further questions if needed. Note: Upgrade links last two weeks. If unused, you'll need to request a new one.
  5. For "ALL THE THINGS" or "ALL THE THINGS PLUS", you can pay in full or in instalmentsWe will assume a one-time payment if you don't inform us otherwise. Note: Installments come with a minimal admin fee, increasing with the number of months you want to split the cost.

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